Beach Club

Our beachclub offers poolside relaxation, shower and restroom facilities, and lunch at the clubhouse all just steps from the beach.

Rooftop Pools

Current Rooftop Pools

Two of La Amada’s Condominium buildings include rooftop pools, providing the ideal way to enjoy the local Caribbean sunsets.


Current Gym

As the Residents’ Gym expansion project gets underway, Residents enjoy the use of our temporary gym.


La Amada provides a resort-like experience to residences and their guests.


A Gated Property

La Amada is a double gated property. An outer security gate controls access to the entire community. A second residents’ security gate ensures that only homeowners and their guests are able to access the La Amada Residence buildings and their amenities.

Both of these gates are actively guarded 24 hours per day, every day.

Access Control

Within the La Amada Residences property, each residence building entrance is keypad controlled, with visits to residence floors restricted to owners and their guests.