Future Amenities

Construction is now underway for a broad range of enhancements at La Amada. The multi-million improvement project will see many upgrades to common areas (see below for details).

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Beach Club

Our spectacularly renovated +23,000 ft² (+2,200 m²) Beach Club will blend pools and indoor/outdoor spaces in the best of contemporary Mexican design, accommodating 372 guests.

Rooftop Pools

Enjoy the spectacular views from our rooftop pools, with enough seating for 150 guests.

Rooftop pool improvements

New shade structures, lounge seating, and pool deck improvements will enhance the rooftop pool experience.

Residents’ Lounge

When renovations are complete, the 1,130 ft² (105 m²) La Amada Residents’ Lounge will provide a relaxed and chic place to unwind after a day at the beach. Furnished with sumptuous chairs and comfortable couches, along with a large TV to take in the game or your favorite movie.


La Amada’s 3,767 ft² (350 m²) marketplace café will offer a variety of universal favorites, including basic grocery items, pastries, deli salads, sandwiches, and coffee drinks. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are also available “to-go” for a picnic or for the road, along with a great selection on wine, beer, and other beverages. With 7 coffee tables for two inside, and 7 tables for four outside, you can enjoy your meal at the marketplace as well.

Health Club

Our gym is currently being expanded to 1,829 ft² (170 m²), and will feature wide selection of the most useful and modern equipment. With space for yoga classes and other group activities, staying healthy will be more convenient than ever.

Kids’ Club

The 538 ft² (50 m²) La Amada Kids’ Club will give children of all ages a fun place to romp and play while our owners enjoy a workout or relaxation at poolside. The two-story climbing playground will consist of tunnels, slides, and foam mats.