Real Estate Team

PowerPlay Destination Properties is the sales and marketing provider to the La Amada Residences. PowerPlay provides a broad scope of real estate sales and marketing services including dedicated sales teams, project marketing, research, and program management. PowerPlay has operations throughout North America and is based in Vancouver, Canada. More information.

Hamak Hotels is an expert at creating lifelong memories. Hamak manages the renovation and amenity improvements at the La Amada Residences.  Hamak designs and operates some of the premier hotel and resort experiences in Latin America. Whether designing new resorts or managing existing hotel operations, Hamak focuses on top tier quality guest experiences. More information.

Hotelera Marina, S.A. de C.V. is the developer at La Amada. Hotelera Marina is an affiliate of Promecap Capital de Desarrollo, S.A. de C.V.  Promecap discovers value and manages investments for private and institutional clients in Mexico and abroad. Through its affiliation with Hotelera Marina, Promecap is able to provide stable guidance and a long-term vision to the community at La Amada.